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Chaos Ensues As Afghanistan Ignored (VIDEO)



The accounts of atrocities by the Taliban are growing.According to Human Rights Watch  In Kandahar, the Taliban have been detaining and executing suspected members of the provincial government and security forces, and in some cases their relatives. According to the BBC 3 eyewitnesses attested to the murder of an eight month pregnant policewoman.Hunting down female judges. The murder of a comedian and a legendary folk singer. The kidnapping and murders of countless police men. And the raping of dead bodies has been reported.

At this point Biden has solidly proven that he couldn’t care less that 6 planes chartered from donations at 750K a piece are sitting on a tarmac 260 miles north of Kabul with under 200 American lives and roughly 800 more Afghan allies. As his Secretary of State scrambles to Qatar to respond to life and death negotiations and Biden sleeps comfortably in his Delaware home. The Taliban’s apparent victory in the last stronghold of the Panshjar Valley over the Resistance has the Taliban prepared to claim Afghanistan under their government.



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