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Globalists Call for Travel Ban Against Tucker Carlson for Daring to Interview Putin




The European Union is considering a travel ban on Tucker Carlson after he interviewed Vladimir Putin, with EU politicians labeling him a mouthpiece for Putin and Trump, sparking debates on free speech and information access.

Key Takeaways

Tucker Carlson interviewed Vladimir Putin in Moscow, prompting anger from pro-Ukraine groups and EU politicians.
EU figures like Guy Verhofstadt and Luis Garicano criticized Carlson, accusing him of being a propagandist for Putin.
The controversy surrounds allegations that Carlson’s interview may show sympathy towards Moscow despite Putin’s alleged war crimes.
Carlson’s previous attempts to interview Putin were met with NSA surveillance and leaked information.
The situation highlights debates on free speech, media influence, and access to diverse viewpoints.
Criticism against Carlson indicates political tensions and differing perspectives on Russia’s actions.
The incident underscores the ongoing scrutiny of journalists and media figures in sensitive geopolitical contexts.


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