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Dark Winter



Dark Winter

This is yet another simulation concerning a bioattack from China. This exercise was completed in 2001. Though it is ostensibly about smallpox as a bioweapon, they are sure to mention that the drill is for any virus. The document seems to advocate for using the smallpox attack as an excuse to initiate nuclear war, roll out vaccinations quickly, and only promote vaccines from the United States while prohibiting others. Also included are matters of racial tension, forced quarantine, and border concerns. Some quotes include: “Americans can no longer take basic civil liberties such as freedom of assembly or travel for granted” and “Smallpox shatters image of US as superpower”, which is, of course, exactly the result hoped for by globalist actors.

I do not believe that this exercise is obsolete despite it having aged for two decades. Rather I tend to think Dark Winter was very influential to the bad actors currently destroying our government from within as it is a phrase still on their lips (both Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci have referenced a “dark winter” ahead).



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