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Who is the Real Candice Owens?



by Ashley Rae @Communism_Kills 

Over on Telegram, I’ve been posting about Candace Owens because Trump is apparently “seriously” considering her as his running mate when he runs again. I was a little more colorful in my language over there, but I’m going to summarize it here, too, because it’s important to know.

Candace Owens has been grifting off being black her entire life and her conservative “conversion” should be looked at very skeptically.

People don’t remember, because conservative media has actively tried to hide it, that Candace Owens got famous in 2016 when she started a doxxing website, Social Autopsy, and asked for money on Kickstarter to fund it. It became an international sensation because both the right and the left were horrified by its premise. The videos explaining what Social Autopsy was, in Candace’s own words, are still on the internet. She even explicitly said it was meant to teach minors a lesson. Link here: and here:

I’ve also attached screencaps of Candace saying she would never apologize for her doxxing website–because her heart was allegedly in the right place–and what the website looked like until she took it down recently.

In 2015, just months before this so-called conservative conversion overnight, Candace was running a website that speculated about Trump’s penis size. On that website, she even posted about how she hopes all Republicans die. Link:

Her entire life, Candace has tried to get money out of people, especially over being black.

Backed by her daddy, Candace sued her high school for racism. And won. For an 18-year-old, she got a pretty nice paycheck out of playing MUH RACISM VICTIM. Link:

After Candace became a conservative literally overnight, one of the first things she did was set up a Patreon. And after that, the very next thing she did? Cry about MUH WHITE NATIONALISTS attacking her, and tell people to give money to her Patreon to help fight against WHITE NATIONALISTS pointing out her history of crying racism. I’ve attached a screenshot I took here.

Because conservatives are so stupid and so desperate for a black person to say what they’re saying, Candace got very famous, very quickly. Conservative media quietly forgot about all of their stories about Social Autopsy and promoted her as the next big “it” thing, and whenever someone brought up her past, she would call them racist/jealous/hurting a woman who was anorexic and threaten to sue them.

The entire point of Blexit was to elevate Candace’s profile and to line her own pockets. She grew up in a very wealthy white area, and is married to a very powerful and well-connected white man, and she has truly never known black people her whole life. The funniest part of all of this? Candace doesn’t even consider herself black! But that hasn’t stopped her from trying to pull the “YOU JUST HATE A BLACK CONSERVATIVE” line and profiting off it.

I just shared some of my favorite Candace Owens articles from 2015-2016 on my Telegram.

Millions of Americans went through an ideological shift in 2015 – 2016, so it is possible he’s genuinely changed her views and is truly a conservative. However, we’ve seen endless amounts of politicians preach conservatism on the campaign trail, and then immediately abandon everything they ran on after taking office. It’s always good to have some history on a candidate before casting your ballot.

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