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Election Theft

Grassroots Group Releases Footage of Maricopa County Ballot Mules Stuffing Ballots in a Drop Box – VIDEO



Video footage recorded by the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center’s live drop box camera and released by We The People USA Alliance shows multiple individuals driving up to the drop box and depositing numerous and sometimes entire stacks of ballots at a time.

This is why leftist groups sued to ban Patriots from filming dropboxes in Arizona.

The Gateway Pundit reported that a federal judge banned cameras or videotaping of any ballot trafficker at a drop box days before the election, giving the election fraudsters and Democratic ballot traffickers free reign.

At the time, Kari Lake held a 10-point lead in several polls, including an 11-point lead in the recent FOX 10 poll from Arizona.

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On Monday, we reported that Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial Nominee Kari Lake had her election taken from her.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on an investigation into Maricopa County ballot harvesting, which used Public Records Requests for all ballot box retrieval and chain of custody forms utilized in Maricopa County during the 2020 General Election. The report concluded that Maricopa County officials violated Arizona law and did not have the required chain of custody for at least 740,000 ballots.

Additionally, Dinesh D’Souza and True The Vote’s 2000 Mules Documentary 2000 Mules documentary found at least 200 ballot Mules in Maricopa County trafficked 207,435 illegal votes through ballot drop boxes.

This is how the Democrats stole the 2020 election, and they used it again in 2022.

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer posted a snarky tweet on November 3, joking about going through the footage of ballot traffickers and making fun of the 2000 Mules documentary.

The Gateway Pundit also reported on the serious issues in Maricopa County’s General Election last Tuesday. Due to the incompetence of Maricopa County and Katie Hobbs, tabulators were down, printers ran out of ink, and long, long lines kept Republican voters waiting to cast their ballots. Republican voters were told to drop their ballots into a separate container called box 3 to be counted later. Election experts and election workers later reported that these uncounted ballots were mixed with already counted ballots, leaving no way of knowing if all legal votes were counted!

Despite this issue occurring at over 30% of polling locations on election day, the corrupt Maricopa County officials would have us believe that only 17,000 ballots were affected and dropped into box 3.


Democrat Katie Hobbs was also called on by many Republicans and even some Democrats in Arizona to recuse herself from election oversight as Secretary of State in her own election leading up to November 8. She refused to do so, and she stole another election.

In the video below, people can be seen shoving multiple ballots into the container one by one and dumping stacks of ballots into the dropbox. Elections workers are then seen allowing more ballots into the wide-open, unsecured box after the 7 pm deadline on November 8.



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