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Did You Know?

1). 70% of Americans do not believe in Reparations.

75% of Blacks believe in reparations.

Why are we discussing this topic?

2). Remember all the talk on all Networks about Robots taking over jobs. Notice they do not talk about this since Illegals are flooding the borders.  Plus, Robots will take over the lower end jobs and the left does not want to remind the Blacks and illegals.

3). Did you know that MLB Products are manufactured worldwide including China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Honduras, and many other countries? The first 3 mentioned countries have slaves.  Maybe instead of the Honduras people coming to the US the MLB should hire them in Honduras.

4). 175 people killed Worldwide in last 8 years that are linked to attacks from White Nationalists. That is a good weekend in Chicago. In 2020 Domestic Extremist killed 17 people in the US.  Mass shootings are considered Domestic Terrorists.

5). Bidens Defense Pick Lloyd Austin to receive up to $1.7 Million from Raytheon.  THE SWAMP CONTINUES

6). AARP is a sponsor for the Don Lemmon show. Remember old Don saying all Trump supporters are KKK

7). Rasmussen Report: Only 20% of people Trust the Government to do the right thing. Not one News Person brings this up in front of a Politician.  What does that tell you?

8). Harvard Harris Poll: 80% of Americans believe we should have Secure Borders.  Only 24% are OK with open borders.

9). 45% of Americans polled did not know that immigrants in the US were not legal.  This poll shows the incompetence of the News Outlets.

10). Procter & Gamble joined forces with a Chinese trade group to thwart Apple’s privacy policies.

11). Did you know that the Vatican City has the toughest immigration than any Country?

12). Did you know that only 7% of Journalist are registered Republican?

13). Dominion owned by Staple Street Capital (Private Equality) Smartmatic, Chairman Lord mark is a member of non-profit board, including the Global Board of Open Society Foundation.  Ex Deputy Secretary – General of United nations and former Vice – Chairman of the World Economic Forum. GLOBALIST???????

14). Pew Poll: 72% of Americans believe citizens have a right to own guns for protection.

15). 1 in 5 Americans want 2nd Amendment Abolished. If 80% of Americans do not want the 2nd Amendment Abolished, why doesn’t the News Outlets this this message out?

16). John Adams said our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

17). Joseph Stalin said: America is threefold: it is patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.  

18). 54% of Americans oppose loan forgiveness. 43 M students have student loan debt. Is this really a poll?  Ask just the people that do not have a student debt. Do you think the poll would have a different outcome?

19). Chicago: 75% of murdered people are black. 71% that are murderers are black.

20). Few years back 37,461 people were killed in traffic accidents. If we are going to try and sue gun manufactures for selling guns, shouldn’t we sue car manufactures for selling cars?  

21.) 4.1% of the US Population is on welfare.  39.8% of people on welfare is black.  14% of US population is black. Why isn’t this talked about?

22). 2018 statistics: 167 Countries still have slavery today.  India 8 M, China 3.4 M, Pakistan 3.19 M, North Korea 2.64 M, Nigeria 1.39 M, Indonesia 1.22 M, Congo 1 M, Russia 794,000, and the Philippines 784,000. American Companies do not seem to have a problem doing business in these countries. Why don’t we ask black America if they have problems with dealing with these countries? Especially the blacks that want reparations.

23). Number of companies that are registered in Delaware. More than 1,000,000 have chose Delaware as their legal home. It is a TAX HEAVEN. Wonder why you have not heard about this. Maybe, because most of the News Outlets like CNN are registered in Delaware. NO STATE INCOME TAXES like the little companies must pay. Court cases never go in front of a jury. Do you think major companies like Coke will not get a favorable ruling? More than 66% of the Fortune 500 Companies are registered in Delaware. The other tax haven is the State of Washington. OH!  Bill Gates and Amazon.

24). 68% of the American people want a special counsel for Hunter Biden. Wonder where the media is hiding?

25). The Bureau of Investigating Journalist: 32 M was donated by the Open Society Foundation, George Soros. Bill and Melinda Gates and Google News also donated. What are the chances of squashed reports?

26). A smallpox discovered in a US Lab in the garbage a few years back. Do you think a virus can be transferred?  

27). Society of Professional Journalist.  Seek Truth and Report it, Minimize Harm, Act Independently, Be accountable and Transparent.  Ethical Journalism strives to ensure the free exchange of information that is accurate, fair, and thorough. An ethical journalist acts with integrity.  I have sent 5 requests to tell me which News Outlet operated on these principles. NO RESPONSE.

28). Center of Public Integrity: A left leaning investigative Journalist no-profit that receives money from left-leaning hedge fund owned by George Soros.

29). Does the fact that James Comey’s daughter works in the US Attorney’s office in the Southern District of NY affect the impartiality of the office with respect to Trump investigations?

30). Any one ever read this: That to secure these rights, Governments are institutions among Men, deriving their just powers from consent of the governed, -That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such …

31). Did you know: Teachers across America are selling on eBay, driving Uber, and working for Amazon driving making extra money while milking the system? A big reason for not wanting to go back to work. They do not want a cut in pay.

32). Recent Poll: 71% believe elected officials do not care about average citizens. On this issue, there is essentially no partisan divide.

33). FBI Director Christopher Wray represented a Russian energy company before he became FBI Director.  Why has he kept this a secret? Per a review of Wray’s bio at the firm he represented before coming to the FBI, King and Spalding. According to his resume, Wray helped lead the Department’s efforts to address the wave corporate fraud scandals and restore integrity to the U. S. financial markets, but we do know Wray worked on the Enron investigation with the FBI Director Bob Muller and crooked Andrew Weissman reporting to himself.  These men were instrumental nearly 20 years later running the corrupt Russia collusion investigation. Looking back, the corrupt team running the Enron investigation attempted to destroy President Trump the same way they did corporate officials at Enron.

34). Rasmussen reports: 54% of Voters say Biden is a Puppet of the left.

35). When polling is focused on young voters between the ages of 18 and 29, about 60% of them think that Biden is suffering from early-onset dementia.

36). William J Burns, who is President Joe Biden’s nominee for director of the CIA, is president of a think tank that has received up to &2 M from a Chinese businessman as well as from a think tank with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party.  

37). The massively Liberal, George Soros-backed, OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATION just pledged $20 Million Dollars to ensure Biden’s infrastructure and social welfare plans are passed.  The same plans that would raise taxes by $2 TRILLION.

38). 70% of Americans do not support free Health Care for illegal immigrants. Less support for basic income of $1000 a month.

39). Voters continue to believe the US immigration system is broken and still tend to favor shifting to the skill-based system.  

40). By 2 to 1 Margin, Voters want Migrant Caravan stopped at the border.

41). Voters Narrowly Favor Law Allowing Crime Victims to Sue Sanctuary Cities.

42). China locks down blogging, including Taiwan. Approved Topics Only.  Sound Familiar.  

43). House Republicans warned John Boehner not to Lobby for China after he left office. Is the new Republican Leader any different? Mitch has ties to China through his wife.

44). These States have the highest number of guns per capita: Alaska 61.7%, Arkansas, 57.9%, Idaho 56.9%, West Virginia 54.2%, Wyoming 53.8%, Montana 52.3%, New Mexico 49% and Alabama 48.9%