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My son and I launched this website with a clear aim: to provide the American people with timely and authentic information. Real Citizen Reports publishes videos and stories well ahead of mainstream news outlets, often covering stories they may not even touch. We are independent and don’t seek approval from sponsors, ensuring our content remains unfiltered and unapologetically truthful.
We encourage citizen journalists to delve into stories that mainstream journalists may shy away from due to fear or external pressure. Our focus is on uncovering buried stories and holding the powerful accountable, including news outlets themselves. We strive to be a trustworthy outlet, a beacon of legitimacy in an era of misinformation.
Our goal is to challenge the norm of inaccurate surveys, empowering citizen journalists to bridge the gap between the powerful and the public. We invite individuals to join us in this mission, as we believe in bringing back respectability and integrity to journalism.
This initiative has been in the making for a decade, originating in 2014 when a conversation about the media’s impact on society caught the attention of an executive from a major news network. This encounter led to a partnership, granting me access to crucial information through a trusted source.
The revelations I’ve uncovered are staggering. The stories left untold are the root of the problem, and I am committed to bringing them to light. The corruption within news media, government agencies, politicians, scientists, teacher unions, police unions, as well as governors and mayors in Democratic cities, will shock you. Disturbingly, I’ve been informed about compromised FBI agents, DOJ personnel, and intelligence operatives, along with allegations of financial incentives from China and Democratic donors to manipulate news coverage. These are the issues I will be exposing, one day at a time.
Join Real Citizen Reports and be part of our campaign to re-establish the credibility of the news. We already have supporters from various countries, and together, we can make a genuine difference.
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