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Food Chain Reaction – A Global Food Security Game



Food Chain.PNG

This food security game, conducted in November 2015 and published in December 2015, entails a hypothetical scenario spanning from 2020-2030 (chronologically consistent with Agenda 2030) “to  better understand the global impacts of and responses to deepening global food system disruptions.” Factors such as climate change, refugee movements, and drought are considered. The scenario begins in 2020 and 2021 when food prices begin climbing. From 2022-2024 oil/gas prices rise dramatically and the grain supply from Russia and Ukraine are reduced (due to heat stress) and Russia is spreading misinformation regarding an export embargo. The conclusion is, of course, that a “more robust global coordination mechanism” is needed and that the UN, WHO, and other globalist entities need to be strengthened and rewarded with generous donations to save the world. Cargill, which participated in the organization of the game, reported that from the game, “we’ve learned that a carbon tax is a possibility in the years ahead.” Cargill economist Tim Bodin stated that the players worked to “strengthen resiliency instead of just putting out fires.” Speaking of fires, a Cargill poultry processing plant in London just caught fire on May 23, 2022, joining untold numbers of other major food producers and distributors suffering both minor and major, usual and unusual catastrophes. Trains in Iowa and Alberta have derailed just recently, both hauling fertilizer, this in addition to the Union Pacific Railroad shutting down fertilizer transportation just in time for planting season. Perhaps CNA ought to have conducted a fertilizer transportation and factory fire game instead.

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