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A World At Risk Global Preparedness Monitoring Board



This is the first report completed by the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, which consists of 15 members including Anthony Fauci and was convened by the World Health Organization and World Bank Group in May of 2018 in response to Ebola outbreaks in 2016 and 2018 (Hegelian dialectic?). This first report was published in September of 2019 and sought to prepare for a “high-impact respiratory pathogen pandemic” and of course that very thing occurred 3 months later. The document identifies climate change and population growth as facilitators of viral outbreaks as well as viruses intentionally released as bioweapons. Member states are urged to “follow through with their political and funding commitments.” Importance is placed on creating innovative vaccines, specifically mentioning nucleic acid types (like mRNA), new vaccine manufacturing methods including “surge manufacturing capacities”, and vaccines being pre-tested and approved for use within weeks. Concern is raised about misinformation and gaining public trust. It reports that ALL countries are bound to the IHR and are “objectively monitored by WHO.” It stresses the importance of involving the private sector, medical experts, the media, and religious leaders in pandemic responses, stating that religious beliefs and mistrust of the government results in decreased vaccination rates. Increased funding for the WHO is promoted throughout the report as well as the need for a designated leader empowered with the authority to rapidly mobilize countries to respond to global emergencies.


A 13-page document from the WHO, this “concept note for consultation process” proposes how states will consult with the WHO in a health emergency. In it, nationalism (the antithesis of globalism) and disinformation (anything that conflicts with globalist aims) are identified as problematic to their agenda. Increased surveillance, increased funding for the WHO, and the implementation of broad, sweeping mandates are all promoted. It is prophetically stated that pandemics WILL be increasing in frequency from this point forward. Naturally, it is suggested that authority be granted to the WHO for the management of all international health emergencies. Though rapid vaccine production (and unsupported claims about vaccine efficacy and safety) and the goal of interrupting animal to human disease transmission (they constantly war against agriculture) are discussed, it is noted that chief among their needs is increasing their efficiency in regard to “surveillance and collaborative intelligence”.

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