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“We Have Declared War on the State Authority – We Are Breaking the Central Bank of Russia” – Steve Bannon Explains the Financial War Biden Launched on Russia (VIDEO)



Steve Bannon continued to explain the very dangerous moves the Biden regime and the West is taking against Russia.

We are moving into uncharted territory.

Steve Bannon: “Remember Hong Kong?… Joe Biden… He needs to come forward and lay out for the American people, exactly not just what’s at stake here, but what we’re doing. The professor on MSNBC had it right, we have declared war on the state authority. We are breaking the Central Bank of Russia. The reason they can’t open their market is we’ve taken their reserve, all of their dollar-based reserves we’ve swept. We have all the Central Bank’s reserves. We’re crushing the ruble right now. They want the Russian people to run out in the streets and say, just like in 1917, “Get rid of the new czar!” That’s what they’re pushing for. And if that’s the plan, sit the American people down on national TV and walk through the plan.

Does anyone believe the same regime that surrendered to the Taliban barbarians six months ago can lead the US in a war today against modern-day Russia?

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Via The War Room.


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