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“A Declaration of War on the Russian Economy” – Steve Bannon Praises MSNBC’s Chris Hayes for Honest Piece on Biden’s Dangerous Economic War with Russia – Blasts Hannity and Lindsey Graham (VIDEO)



Steve Bannon on Thursday praised Steve Hayes on MSNBC following his segment on the dangerous economic war the United States declared on Russia. Bannon later slammed Sean Hannity and Lindsey Graham and all the “neocons out there, all they want to do is send your kids to war with your dollars.”

We are in a dangerous place and, once again, this government and media are not being honest with the American people.

Steve Bannon: The key is the United States… The United States of America has gone to full-out economic war and in modern warfare that is every bit as powerful or just as powerful as kinetic warfare than having a couple of F16s flying around, putting our blood, our young men and women in harm’s way. Now they’ve put EVERYBODY in harm’s way. Please understand that. You’re in harm’s way. You’re a participant in a war that the President of the United States has not come through and informed the American public exactly what the stakes are. Why is this vital national security interest of the United States and what are the possibilities of what’s going to happen?

Via The War Room.

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