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I have worked on this project for over 6 years.  This started back in late 2014. I ran into a top Employee at a large news network that overheard me telling someone that I was going to start a blog about how the news media was destroying our country. Note: This was in late 2014. When the person I was talking to left the table, a news Executive that overheard our conversation approached my table and asked if he could join me.  The executive introduced himself to me and told me that I was not alone, and he said that numerous people felt the same way. However, the executive said, if you speak up with another view you will not be working. I spoke with him for over 3 hours. I was going out of town in 3 months and we set up a meeting place for a second visit. When he showed up, I knew he was serious, and we set up a way to communicate in order to protect him. After staying in communication, it started getting serious. He asked me to set up a PO Box where he could get information to me in order to evade email tracing. As of today, there are at least 3 other sources forwarding information to me, including a Google and Facebook employee. My PO box was only given out to one person, so anything coming to me must be through the media executive, my original source.

What I have found out will make your heads spin. The untold stories are the problem. I will start publishing my findings now.  I will break this down daily until everything is out. I have listened to audio recordings, read one document after another, and it will scare the hell out of a normal person. The corruption amoung the News Media, Government Agencies, Politicians, Scientists, Teachers Unions, Police Unions, District Attorneys, Governors, and Mayors in these Democratic Cities, will make your head spin.

I will show you that the Supreme Court has been compromised. I will show you that there are FBI Agents, DOJ People, and Intel People, that have been compromised. I will show you that China is making direct payments to journalists and new anchors. And, how Democratic doners are giving bonuses to journalists for negative stories on Trump.

I will tell you about buracrats have reached out to China for experimental drugs for Dementia. Yes, I will tell you that Biden has failed a Cognession test, and that Biden has been diagnosed with early stages of dementia. And how journalists are paid and pressured to stand down on reporting on it.

I will tell you about an informant at Fox News that tells everyone in the DNC what is going on. Hint, this informant was intentional, planted by Fox executives.

I will tell you that Fauci has already been offered to stay on if Biden wins. And how Chris Wray was offered the same to stay on.

I have talked to Real Clear Politics before about being able to post articles and I will send information to Tucker Carlson, Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Maria Barstol, Mark Levin, BrightbartNews, News Max. I just want everything documented.

William Arkin’s farewell to NBC. “I am not the only person in a National newsroom to feel that way.” Talking about his displeasure with the News. He is not one of my contacts.

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